About Massage

About Canine Massage Therapy

Animals benefit from massage the same way humans do.  The major difference is the obvious – they are unable to verbally tell where they hurt, what area needs work, or actually how the massage feels.  When I work with an animal I gather as much information as I can from the owner, talk with the animal’s veterinarian when needed, and absolutely pay attention to cues from the animal.  Keeping my eye on the dog during the massage provides valuable information as to what areas of the body need special attention.

Benefits of Massage

  • The lymphatic system is stimulated and the body’s ability to cleanse naturally is enhanced
  • The quality of the coat and fur are improved due to expression of natural oils
  • The skin becomes more elastic and toned
  • Respiration is improved and the oxygen level in the body is increased
  • Trigger points, knots and muscle spasms are loosened
  • The nervous system is stimulated or relaxed
  • Digestion and circulation are improved
  • Behavioral changes occur through stimulation or soothing of the nervous system

As a therapist, I don’t believe that animals must have an injury before they receive help.  Many physical difficulties and undue stress are cumulative in nature which often results in the injury. Massage therapy can be used as a preventative before an injury occurs.

Early Detection and Maintenance

Regular massage allows for early detection of health problems.  Through touch and observation, I am able to feel changes that have occurred in the skin and hair that you can then present to your veterinarian for further evaluation.

Just as humans, dogs can greatly benefit from a maintenance routine.  As I continue to perform massage services (always a full body massage) on the dog, the animal’s body becomes better conditioned and more accustomed to the feel and benefits. As a result, I will be able to counter any issues before they become a problem to the entire body.


$40 – Full-body canine therapeutic deep-tissue massage (approximately 45-75 minutes) in your own home

$50 – With Reiki

NOTE: If you are a Rescue with your 501(c)3 call for special pricing.

** Traveling fee**

Additional charge of $1.00/mile one way if you are outside of a 30 mile radius of 18507.


As a way to thank YOU, my valued client, I am proud to offer this program to you.  Here’s how it will work (for either Reiki or Canine Massage referrals) based upon the referral(s) booking and completing a session:

  • Refer (1) one person – you BOTH will receive $5 off your next session
  • Refer (2) people – you will receive $10 off your next session
  • Refer (3) people – you will receive $15 off your next session
  • Refer (4) people – you will receive your next session for FREE!!!

I am sure you can think of at least 3-5 people right now who are dog owners or  need a little less stress in their life.  Just make sure they mention your name when they book or have their first session.